News & Events

Oct. 6th: Seminar, Self Health: A Catalyst for Transforming Individual and Global Health

March 14th: Seminar, Data and AI Model Markets: From Sharing, Discovery, and Integration to Value and Ecosystems

March 10th: 南京信息工程大學 visit RC-DSAI

March 6th: PolyU & Donghua FasterSoft Co. Ltd. discussed potential cooperation opportunities 

30th May 2022: Official Agreement Signed between PolyU & TCL for Smart Space Project that deploy latest research frontier results of DS & AI into electronic appliance market ….

30th May 2022: New member of RC-DSAI ……..


Vision & Mission
To build a pioneering world with breakthrough research in DS and AI

To develop innovative DS and AI technologies to benefit society

To generate high impact research by collaborating with academia, industry and society

To nurture talents in DS and AI, cultivate an international education exchange hub and increase PolyU public visibility

From Directors

We are now in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, which is featured by the fast development of application of data science (DS) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


Launched in April 2021, the RC-DSAI is hosted by the Department of Computing, Faculty of Engineering. It aims to


Supported by internal departments in FENG and other faculties, utilitise all resources from PolyU, pently supply of talents and researchers from computing department ….

Founding Members

Our members are well-experienced and inspirational professors and doctors. Most of them are graduated from internationally renowned universities and their research capabilities cover high comprehensive spectrum of important research areas.

Prof. Qing Li

Chair Professor of Data Science and Head

Prof. Lei Zhang

Chair Professor of Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Prof. Kin-Man Lam

Professor & Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Changwen Chen

Chair Professor of Visual Computing

Prof. Jiannong Cao

Chair Professor of Distributed and Mobile Computing

Featured Projects

Solar Energy Performance Management System

Short-term Photovoltaic Power Forecasting Based on Cloud Tracking

Machine Learning Based Adaptive Fault Prediction Data Analytics System for Lift Monitoring

Electronic Appliance interact with human beings naturally – Smart Space

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Mong Man Wai Building

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hung Hom Kowloon Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2766-4081